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SAiGENCI Summer Research Scholarship Students 2023/24

SAiGENCI summer students and their supervisors in the Adelaide Health & Medical Sciences building, University of Adelaide.  Pictured left to right:  Dr Kim Clark, Jake Baker, Dr Adrienne Sullivan, Dr Mark Bunting, Julia Zhu, Ella Finlay, Dr Luke Isbel, Katarina Amerl and Anna Nixon.

Over the 2023-24 summer, the South Australian immunoGENomics Cancer Institute (SAiGENCI) welcomed five Adelaide Summer Research Scholarship recipients.  Each of the University of Adelaide undergraduate students spent six weeks working side-by-side with SAiGENCI researchers gaining valuable hands-on research experience and an insight into a career in science.

The summer students worked on a number of different laboratory based molecular biology projects investigating factors relevant to a number of cancers including breast and lung cancer.

Summer Student



Jake Baker


Investigate expression and regulation of NF-kB-induced genes in promoting aggressive breast cancer biology and therapy resistance


Dr Mark Bunting

Julia Zhu

(B. Biotechnology – Honours)

A role for NF-kB signalling in treatment resistant non-small cell lung cancer


Dr Kim Clark

Ella Finlay


A role for NF-kB signalling in treatment resistant non-small cell lung cancer


Dr Kim Clark

Katarina Amerl

(B.Health & Medical Sci (Adv))

Designing molecular tools to study transcription factors on chromatin


Dr Luke Isbel

Anna Nixon

(B.Health & Medical Sci (Adv))

Aberrant epigenetic remodeling by cancer-associated GATA3 mutants


Dr Adrienne Sullivan

Towards the end of their projects, students shared their project experiences in a short scientific presentation to each other and their supervisors.  It was clear the students enjoyed their time with SAiGENCI and learnt a lot of new laboratory and professional skills.

SAiGENCI wishes Jake, Julia, Ella, Kat and Anna all the best for the remainder of their undergraduate degrees.  We hope to see you again in the future!

To find out more about SAiGENCI’s research, visit the Research Programs section of our website hereIf you are interested in future student research opportunities with SAiGENCI visit our Study With Us webpage here.

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