Budding scientists barking up the right tree

Trees for Good

There’s not much that kids love more than digging holes in dirt. And this week, a group of students from Alberton Primary School got their hands dirty planting their own trees with the launch of an exciting new project..

Trees for Good, the brainchild of Professor Bob Hill from the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, goes further than other revegetation projects. Harnessing kids’ natural curiosity – and interest in digging holes – the project doesn’t just plant trees; it teaches kids essential STEM skills.

On Monday, the students not only named their trees (apparently Greg was a popular choice), but also learned how to measure and track its growth, its health, and the impact on the local environment. They will also be able to enter the data online to see how their tree compares to others as the program progresses.

Trees for Good comes from a partnership between the University's Environment Institute; Treenet; Project Green Group; Debill Environmental; SASTA; Green Adelaide; City of Port Adelaide Enfield; and Alberton Primary School.

The launch was also attended by Joe Szakacs MP, Minister for Police, Emergency Services and Correctional Services and Member for Cheltenham; Councillor Steve Vines from the City of Port Adelaide Enfield; and Professor Chris Daniels, Chair of the Green Adelaide Board.

Trees for Good is now looking to branch out through further partnerships with schools, councils, businesses and individuals. But it’s safe to say the seeds have been sown for the future scientists – and their trees called Greg.

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