Using Zoom for virtual classrooms

This online workshop is aimed at Academics, Researchers and Professional Staff who are interested to learn how to effectively use Zoom for virtual classrooms and/or meetings. This workshop will be conducted via Zoom as a virtual online learning session.

Zoom is the official platform currently being used by the University of Adelaide for virtual classrooms. The system is also preferred to be used by some teams for online meetings. In this session, we will cover the basic functionalities of Zoom to help you explore how you could use the system to effectively run virtual classrooms and/or online meetings.

Some of the functionalities and settings that we will cover are:
- Managing participants;
- Creating breakout rooms;
- Sharing and annotating your screen; and
- Using the virtual whiteboard.

Note: The link to the Zoom training session will be sent to the participants via email at least ten minutes prior to the start of the session.


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