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For almost 30 years, the Women’s Professional Development Network (WPDN) has run a highly successful mentoring program for professional women.

WPDN mentor group

The program has enabled participants to be encouraged and empowered in their personal development, helping them to identify and achieve their career goals. It has also been the foundation of strong relationships and connections between women across the University, with more than 1200 participants since 1995 and many mentors returning year after year.

Tara Bouchier, a participant in 2023 said “the program enabled me to develop skills to better prioritise and manage my workload and communicate with team members. The mentoring program is a fantastic opportunity to gain a different perspective and direction in confidential and honest discussions with a mentor and member of the university community.”

Jenna Currie agreed. “Having someone to contact and share ideas with, outside of my immediate team, in an open and honest way, was invaluable and very supportive.”

Mentors – both male and female – also get a lot out of the program. Mentor in the 2023 program Daniel Tackage said that “the program provided a well-structured opportunity to develop mentoring skills, connect with colleagues outside of my team and assist the professional development of another staff member.”


“Participating in the WPDN Mentoring Program as a mentor was a valuable experience. Time spent with my mentee took me out of my own role and experience and allowed me to view things from a different perspective. I have learned things about myself, new skills and made new friends!” added Keryn Lapidge.

Applications are now open for both mentees and mentors, closing on Friday 8 March.

Open to women professional staff from all backgrounds and from all campuses, the program has been refreshed and redesigned to address the needs of both mentors and mentees for 2024. It includes a series of tailored workshops facilitated by executive coach Rosslyn Cox. More information and workshop dates is available at

“The WPDN Mentoring Program is extremely valuable for both mentors and mentees - get started on your application now! Don’t allow the 2024 Program to slide by due to being ‘too busy’ – you and your development are worth it!” is the advice from participant in last year’s program, Jessica Gilson.


Established at the University in 1995, the WPDN is a volunteer network to support women in their professional development. It is a network run by professional staff women, for professional staff women. Find out more at

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