Shaping our new curriculum through co-creation

For the Curriculum Domain, co-creation is particularly important in the development of future-focused, equitable and industry-relevant education for new generations of learners.

To date, more than 400 staff across both existing universities have participated in workshops on program development, innovation and key technologies required to support our new curriculum.

Earlier this month, the first Transformation Hub session brought together our staff and student communities to explore preliminary work of four of the sixteen Curriculum Design Working Groups: Graduate Qualities, Aboriginal Knowledges, Common Core Courses and Learning Environment and Digital Learning Experience. This was a highly engaging and productive experience, with key outputs feeding into our current co-creation challenges on IdeaPlace.

The Common Core and Learning Environment and Digital Experience challenges are open until 1 March and provide all staff with the opportunity to collaborate in the determination of how Adelaide University can best prepare graduates for future success and provide students with a nation-leading learning experience. If you haven’t already, you can start to share your ideas now. We have also invited students to engage in the Learning Environment and Digital Experience challenge and their insights will help to create a model that is truly fit for purpose.

The Domain is continuing to progress program design work, including a detailed peer review process and a review of all Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs). A new working group has also been established in partnership with the Research & Research Training Domain – the Curriculum and Research Training Interface (CARTI) – which is focused on research pathways from undergraduate coursework and opportunities to incorporate research training into coursework programs. 

We are also excited by the level of engagement around the new Curriculum Management System. As many of you will be aware, CurV (by Global IT Factory) has received nominal go-live approval and we hosted an interactive demonstration in January for approximately 230 staff. More demonstrations are planned for 2024 and will focus on specific functionality, including curriculum mapping, global search capabilities and addressing accreditation requirements.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to everyone working in and engaging with the Domain. There are several critical activities running simultaneously (and at speed) with many activities still to come. Your commitment, collaboration and collegiality are much appreciated as we shape the future curriculum of Adelaide University.

Prof Joanne Cys & Prof Katrina Falkner: Curriculum Domain Lead & Alternate Joint Committee, Building a new Adelaide University

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