Powering the Future Lecture


For years South Australia has been a national leader in embracing renewable energy, transforming our power grid in ways that were almost unimaginable a decade ago.

But this success has not been without challenges, from policy uncertainty at a federal level to damaging myths that have often flourished across the media and chamber of parliament. As we look toward a new decade, how can we navigate the renewed urgency of the climate crisis, and the technical and political challenges of a post-carbon future driven by clean energy? In collaboration with RAA, the Adelaide Festival of Ideas and the Institute for Mineral and Energy Resources.

Speakers include: Sam Craft, Kristin Raman, Prof Ashok Khurana, Peter Siebels, Chris Greig and Prof Michael Goodsite.

Date: Saturday 17 July, 10am - 11am
Location: Bonython Hall

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