Healthy Eating Policy and Political Philosophy

Healthy Eating

The Food Values Research Group and the Stretton Institute will be co-hosting a webinar to discuss Assoc Prof Anne Barnhill and Dr Matteo Bonotti’s upcoming book Healthy Eating Policy and Political Philosophy: A Public Reason Approach.

In their book, Anne and Matteo show that both paternalistic justifications for healthy eating efforts and anti-paternalistic arguments against them can be grounded in perfectionist views that overly prioritize some values over others. The authors therefore propose a more inclusive, public reason approach to healthy eating policy that will be appealing to those who take pluralism and cultural diversity seriously, by providing a framework through which different kinds of values, including but not limited to autonomy and health, can be factored into the public justification for healthy eating efforts. In this webinar, which will be moderated by Assoc Prof Georgina Drew, we will be hearing from the authors as well as a panel of experts including Prof Rachel Ankeny, Dr Christopher Mayes and Dr Matthew Ruby.

Webinar date: Tuesday 22 February 9.00am-11.00am ACDT


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