It is important to familiarise yourself with the venues for exams. Allow yourself plenty of time to get to your exam venue as admission to the venues will not be permitted 40 minutes after the scheduled start time.

The venues appear on the personalised timetable in Access Adelaide, and on the complete examination timetable, five (5) weeks before the exam period.

The main venue for summer exams is Bonython Hall, and for semester 1 and semester 2 exams are Wayville Pavilion at Adelaide Showgrounds. Replacement/additional assessment exams are held on campus. Some exams are held 'In department' at a venue arranged by the school or faculty on campus.

  • Wayville

    Primary exams (semester 1 and 2) are usually conducted at Wayville Pavilion, Adelaide Showground Goodwood Road, Wayville.

    • Wayville Pavilion is a large space with a concrete floor.
    • Approximately 2,500 students will sit an exam in any one session.
    • It is air-conditioned and heated.
    • Male, female and accessible toilets are located in the adjacent Atrium Plaza.
    • Allocated seating lists and notices for students will be placed in the Atrium Plaza one (1) hour before the start of the exam.
    • Students will be seated at a single desk. Open book exams will have two desks allocated.
    • Clocks are visible throughout the hall.
    • A PA system will be used for most announcements. However, supervisors and examiners may also directly address groups of students.

    Wayville map

    Seating in Wayville Pavilion

    All students are allocated a seat for each exam they undertake.

    • A list of allocated seats will be available in the Atrium Plaza one (1) hour before the start of the exam.
    • Students should then check the Wayville seating plan to find the relevant section of the Hall, identified by single or double letters e.g. B or GG.
    • Students should make their way to the block and locate their allocated seat.

    Car parking at Wayville

    Students can park their vehicles at the Adelaide Showground via Rose Terrace entrance. A parking fee will be charged per car.

    If you are being dropped off for an exam use Leader Street or Rose Terrace pedestrian drop off points to ensure your safety.

    Please note that parking restrictions apply in the adjacent residential areas. For detailed information, visit the Adelaide Showground's car parking page.

    Public transport to/from Wayville

    Information on public transport services to Wayville can be found on the Adelaide Showground's 'How To Get Here' page.

  • Bonython Hall

  • Napier

    • For students who have organised to sit under alternative exam arrangements, the location of these exams will be Lower Ground, Napier Building.
    • Students may sit their exams in a number of other venues on campus or at an agreed location off-campus.
    • Visit the North Terrace campus map to find Lower Ground, Napier Building
  • Ingkarni Wardli

    • Students approved to use computers during primary exams (semesters 1 and 2) will have their exams held in the Ingkarni Wardli Building.
    • Visit the North Terrace campus map to find Ingkarni Wardli.
  • Schultz

  • Engineering Maths

  • In department

    Please check with your course coordinator for venue details.