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Resilient spirit

Photo of the back of a climber ascending Mount Everest, blue sky and clouds above one of the peaks

I have entitled the draft of my Ph.D. thesis, ‘BRUNO’ because ‘we don’t talk about Bruno’. We don’t talk about my thesis. Or graduation.

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Dealing with a hectic week

A blue sky with fluffy white back-lit clouds, and rays of sunshine streaming through.

On busy days I find myself lost in rehashing the past or rehearsing the future.

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Family time

A mum holds their child hand on the beach, with the sun setting.

As we get older, it is harder to prioritise family time, so it is important to savour it when we get it.

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Stopping to smell the flowers

Lilac-coloured flowers in a lush green plant pot.

Amongst the constant bustle of life, have you stopped and smelled the flowers recently?

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Stirling Market 

Corn and flowers on a table.

It’s been a hot minute since I took a trip to the Adelaide hills.

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Connecting between campuses

A bus driving in the country side.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder?

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Been to an event?

Graphic of a person with plants growing from top of head with 4 others watering and tending the plants

Complete this quick 1 minute survey

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Photo of a plate of food, hands by the side lifting food from main plate to side plate

My lovely sister gifted me a voucher for one of the stylish, new restaurants in my neighbourhood.

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Permission to rest

A fox curled atop a log sleeping.

I’ve been trying to catch a break but no matter how long I spend lying in bed, I still feel exhausted.

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microphone with blurred image of seats in the distance

I’ve had a research project that I’ve been involved with now for two years. The homestretch is in sight and I was tasked with presenting the paper to the team prior to its release.

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