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On grief and galaxy

Ember and dolphin

I think I’ve shared this before, this realisation that one of the silver linings of the pandemic is that it’s provided an impetus for looking inward. Restrictions, working from home, and physical distancing have allowed us to make space for reflection. At least for those of us lucky enough to be able to. In some ways, it’s also made us re-appreciate the treasures we hold within our own State. The Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary is one place in South Australia which I think is very special. There are not very many places in the world where wild and free dolphins live so close to a capital city. 

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Haircuts at home


I’m pretty sure my sister and I had plenty of fights growing up. With all that bickering, and considering how very different we are, I’m not quite sure how we managed to be such great friends. I’m sure there were lots of moments we wanted to pull each other’s hair - it was just the two of us after all, two siblings, only two years apart. And here we are, now in our mid-thirties during a pandemic, and I get to chop off my sister’s hair! (She asked me to!)

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Of HDRs, annual reviews, and a mac and cheese toastie

Mac and cheese toastie

I had an exceptionally reassuring Annual Review this year. I feel so very lucky to have an immensely supportive supervisory panel, but I’m also grateful to have an encouraging postgraduate coordinator. I was so motivated this week that I found myself writing into the early hours of the morning. I needed a couple of midnight snacks though. I wanted to make something easy, simple, and comforting. I also wanted to make something I could potentially turn into a lunch I could take into work the next day.

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