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Review: LegoMasters

So this is very far from an insightful commentary on an obscure piece of cultured television, but it does go well with my last review of competitive reality TV.

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British Film Festival review: The Nest

​​​​​Part of this year's British Film Festival, Sean Durkin’s The Nest chronicles the unraveling of a wealthy family in mid-1980s England.

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Dalgona-esque oatmeal breakky

Read on for an oatmeal recipe that tastes like a whipped coffee crossed with a Reese’s peanut butter cup.

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Every now and then, things feel really bad. In general it goes something like this. There’s something I’ve put a lot into. A person, an activity, a job, an investment, it could be anything. Whatever it is, I’ve put a lot of time, emotion or energy into it. I have this idea of how things are going to go. Except that’s not how things go at all.

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Review: Longshot

Directed by Jonathon Levine and staring Charlize Theron and Seth Rogan, the 2019 romantic-comedy Longshot about a Secretary of State falling in love with a slouchy speechwriter, somewhat disappeared from the cultural radar not long after its release. This is a shame.

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Should I get an axolotl?

I love axolotls. They have mushy little faces and look like miniature underwater lions. But would they make good pets and company?

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Gaga and Oprah

If you’re like me, you probably have complicated feelings about celebrities. I can acknowledge the systems that produce celebrity: rampant capitalism, an at times cult-like worship and an underlying commodification of the self are all preconditions for celebrity in the 21st century.

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How refreshing are waterfalls?

A photograph of my visit to Lilydale Falls, Tasmania.

I'm looking for some waterfalls in South Australia, but where can I find them?

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We are living in a digital age (just in case you hadn't noticed). When people point that out to me it usually feels like such a mundane observation. My gut response is that computers aren't anything remarkable, I use them every day

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Finding comfort in fiction

When things are hard, novels are not the first place I go. Usually I will seek easier distraction through social media, television and junk food. But novels should be my first port of call. 

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