Lunch break self-care

Yoga stretch

Yoga stretching

In a previous post, I suggested having a goal of having at least one social connection during each workday. I do this in the evening straight after work. It helps you transition from work mode to home mode and is good for your mental health. Below are a few more suggestions for self-care activities during the weekend or even during one of your lunch breaks.

  • Have a bath, not just a shower.
  • Meditate for just ten minutes.
  • Stretch.
  • Moisturize and use your favorite lotion.
  • Clean something. Doesn’t have to be anything big. Organize one drawer of a desk. Wash five dirty dishes. Do a load of laundry. Scrub the bathroom sink.
  • De-clutter your desk.
  • Go outside. Take a walk. Get some exercise. Sit in the grass. Look at the clouds.
  • Light a candle with your favorite scent.
  • Make something. Write a short story or a poem, draw a picture, color a picture, fold origami, crochet or knit, sculpt something out of clay, anything artistic. Even if you don’t think you’re good at it. Create.
  • Write an email to a friend and tell them about one good thing that happened to you this week.
  • Think of one great thing you like about being able to work from home.
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