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Graduation speeches

view from below of 6 students in graduation gowns holding their fingers in v signs together in a group

I do love autumn graduations. What I’d love more is to one day be graduating myself!

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Warding off worry

2 people walking on grass towards sun low in the sky

Are we still talking about COVID?

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Pokémon, painting & preserves

Since being home, I’ve been treating myself to some ‘down time’. This has come in the form of a few things that I have done in a while.

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Lunch break self-care

Yoga stretch

In a previous post, I suggested having a goal of having at least one social connection during each workday. I do this in the evening straight after work. It helps you transition from work mode to home mode and is good for your mental health. Below are a few more suggestions for self-care activities during the weekend or even during one of your lunch breaks.

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Media and activities vs anxiety

Tile mosaic

Everyone has probably done some stressing recently.

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Seeing eye to eye

Ostrich faces off with obscure bird.

We don't always see eye to eye with friends, family or colleagues.

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Without constant contact

Crumpled bed linen

Being in the city and in a share house at university, I have grown accustomed to constant human contact, but that has all changed now.

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Cinema at a standstill

Empty cinema hall

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the film industry in Hollywood has revised its business model, and within that time, the concept of cinema has radically changed.

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As easy as riding a bike

Bicycle leaning against tree

I recently blogged about riding a bike for the first time since I was a kid. Here's my update. 

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Is it irresponsible to limit your news intake?

Stack of newspapers

In this new COVID-19 age, we’re surrounded by a near-constant influx of pandemic-related news. As the situation continues to escalate, we each have to manage how we cope day-to-day, and that might mean limiting the amount of news you ingest. But is it irresponsible to do so?

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