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Finding comfort in fiction

When things are hard, novels are not the first place I go. Usually I will seek easier distraction through social media, television and junk food. But novels should be my first port of call. 

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Review: Mrs America

Mrs America is another prestige television show.

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The Dictionary of Lost Words

Who decides which words go in the Dictionary? Which words are left out? 

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In Praise of: Packed to the Rafters

It seems that during these uncertain times we are all reaching for some form of comfort. Whether its comfortable clothing (guilty) or comfort food (definitely guilty), things that are familiar and homely are all the rage.

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Messaging My Grandparents

I often get quite wrapped up in my own life and forget to think about getting in contact with the family members who I don't see on a daily basis. That includes my grandparents. I do see my grandparents, but it's usually limited to special occasions like weddings, birthdays and Christmas. It suddenly occurred to me that it would probably mean a lot to my grandparents if I just sent a short email to show that I was thinking of them.

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Connection in the midst of isolation

It's a pretty scary time in the world right now. We can't control everything happening around us, but we can control some things, and we can learn to find connection and, importantly, hope.

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Breaking the loneliness spiral

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about loneliness. I've also been thinking about its antidote: vulnerability.

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Review: The Way Back

2020 sports drama The Way Back is familiar and reliably predictable, but it also offers something new. 

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How can I support someone else's mental health?

This week (7-11 September) is Health Week at Adelaide Uni, and I've been reflecting on how to best support the people in my life who are facing mental health issues. 

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How we manage our time (or fail to)

Time, and attempting to manage it, can be a difficult thing. 

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