As easy as riding a bike

Bicycle leaning against tree

Bike leaning against a tree

Some time ago, I blogged about riding a bike for the first time since I was a kid. I wrote about my fears of not being able to touch the ground, and fears of being unable to avoid collisions with traffic as I rode around the busy city streets.

Fortunately for me, our current virus-induced predicament has allowed me the perfect opportunity to build my confidence on our city’s roads without the pressure of heavy traffic. I have ridden my bike into the city at least once every two days, with only one (relatively minor) incident that could have plausibly resulted in serious injury!

I have found cycling the perfect antidote to the sense of cabin fever I have been working through. It is nice to move under your own steam, experience the outdoors without fear of encountering the virus and work up a sweat all while developing a new skill I had largely given up on. I have even adjusted my seat to a higher position in order to make my cycling experience more comfortable on my legs – oh the bravery!

I am looking forward to life returning to some sort of normal so I can begin to commute daily into uni via bike. While busy peak hour traffic will present another challenge, I am feeling a sense of confidence and optimism that only comes from having proven something to yourself you didn’t think you could do.

While for some (quite reasonably) riding a bike seems as easy as, well, riding a bike, for me it has presented a mental and physical challenge, one that I am excited to have overcome. 

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