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The power of music

A page of sheet music

Every since I was a little kid, I’ve been obsessed with music. And it has changed my life.

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The burnt toast theory

A square plate filled with pieces of bread

A piece of burnt toast might save your life. This is the burnt toast theory. 

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Enjoying the little things

A sunny autumn street view with a dog standing on the road

I’ve realised recently that especially on not-so-good days, I find myself stressing and hyper-focusing on everything that has gone wrong that day.

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The indomitable human spirit

Woman laughing.

The internet isn’t particularly the best place in the universe. It has garnered a rather bad name when it comes to the way it can seriously affect one’s mental and to some extent, physical health. 

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The 'manifesting' trend

the back of a person who is looking at a wall filled with papers of ideas, concepts, and plans.

Closing my eyes and thinking positive thoughts, I realised it’s been around me a lot longer than I thought.

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This is a reminder...

Girl sitting crossed legged and breathing in a relaxed way

For all of you working hard to hand in your last assignments, and studying tirelessly for your last exams, this is a reminder for you to take a breather. 

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Life without a dog

A dog sits with its owner

I’ve been considering if I should add a fluffy companion to my company.

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As easy as riding a bike

Bicycle leaning against tree

I recently blogged about riding a bike for the first time since I was a kid. Here's my update. 

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From bad to worse

This has been a bad year for lots of us. It just feels like there’s this malaise in the air, that is affecting everyone and everything. I know a couple of other people have noticed this separately from me. It’s strange because the Corona virus didn’t even seem to hit Adelaide as hard as lots of other places.

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Admiring positivity

It can be refreshing to know positive people.

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