Life without a dog

A dog sits with its owner

Person sitting with a dog

I’ve been considering if I should add a fluffy companion to my company?

It is tough living independently without animals. When I was younger, I was always surrounded by animals when I was living at home. Our dog Tilly, our cockatiel Buttons, our fish, guinea pigs, chickens and the list goes on. Growing up in a rural area meant I was always surrounded by fresh air and family pets. Since living out of home I have had to deal with the rental system and the prospect of not being ready to have a pet. Before Covid, I always thought I would travel and take a gap year at some point which meant I couldn’t commit to a pet. However, I have recently been rethinking things when I realised how much I have missed owning a dog.

Why are dogs good?

I think everyone can agree that dogs improve our moods and just helps us all de-stress. Unlike people, they are a companion that you can always rely on. They are intuitive creatures that understand and respond to our emotions. I often find myself wanting to have a dog around just so I can have some company or someone to watch some mindless television with.

Good habits

I think that getting a dog would also allow me to form better habits. It would encourage me to exercise with it while taking it for runs and walks as well as encourage me to formulate routines and be more organised. Dogs are great in the way they can improve my positivity and outlook on life. However, I do worry that it would detract from other areas in my life. Ultimately, it has to be a mutually beneficial companionship.

What kind of dog would I get?

In some ways I don’t really care about what breed a dog is, just as long as it has a good personality and some funny quirks. The Covid dog prices are insane. The more and more I see dogs that are in the thousands of dollars, the more I think an abandoned or rehomed dog from the RSPCA would benefit from a new owner and a new home and prove to be a more rewarding companion.

Am I ready for a dog?

While I have been spending a lot of time online looking for dogs, the reality is I’m not quite ready for one. Although it would be great and I know it would bring me a lot of joy, my life is a bit all over the place at the moment. I will graduate soon, possibly move around, continue to rent and probably be keeping myself busy. However, it has allowed me to think about the future and some of the things I would like, and I certainly think a fury friend is one of them.  

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