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Cultural shifts & yoga pants

Okay, I have to say that as a full-time student and a part-time employee, I’ve found activewear to be the most convenient style to dress in during the past couple of years.

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The joy of propagating plants

During our last lockdown I turned my eye to the mountain of empty pasta jars and tins I had been collecting along my windowsill. Then I scanned my options of house plants to cut.

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Holistic wellbeing

This semester I have been undertaking an internship at an Indigenous community controlled not-for-profit and have found my personal ideas of health and wellbeing challenged.

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What your favourite animal says about you


The other day I was showing my mum some cute videos of baby elephants, knowing that elephants are her favourite animal. It got me thinking that elephants being her favourite animal says a lot about her personality. It got me thinking that we do really relate our personalities to our favourite animals, or "spirit animals". And I’m sure you’ve already done a classic Buzzfeed quiz on what your spirit animal is or what it means, but here are just a few descriptions of what I think your favourite animal says about you. 

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Tidying up my room

An organised desk

Tidy home, tidy mind. So why do I always find my room in a mess?

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Skipping rope for 30 days

girl skipping rope behind sunrise

This challenge is a way for me to get healthier and to set a daily goal that I can accomplish for a month. Continue reading for my thoughts on jumping rope!

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Losing a family member

Content warning - this blog explores grief and loss. This can be a difficult topic so please reach out if you need to and check in with the range of services available to you on the Wellbeing Hub.

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Coping with climate anxiety

depressed expression

One of my most constant worries recently has been the state of our planet. The recent publication of the IPCC Report and it’s ‘code red’ announcement has surfaced my anxieties surrounding my future. What about you? Are you feeling okay? Continue reading for my reflections and tips on coping with stress relating to climate change.

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The power of a compliment

thumbs up

It never ceases to amaze me how a simple compliment can change my day for the better.

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I hope my cat is OK

tabby cat sitting on table

It’s been more than a year since I’ve held my cat as I could not go home (thanks, Covid).

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