Skipping rope for 30 days

girl skipping rope behind sunrise

Skipping rope at sunrise 

Today I decided that I wanted to give myself a fun exercise challenge. Skipping or jumping rope is something I haven’t attempted since primary school – but I’ve somehow felt motivated to try it out (especially to avoid other cardio exercises).

This challenge is a way for me to get healthier and to set a daily goal that I can accomplish for a month. I often find it difficult to remain consistent with exercise – sometimes I’ll gym for a few weeks, then get really put off by it – and sometimes I enjoy hikes. I want to challenge myself to skip daily to see improvements in my technique and stamina. As I write this blog, I have completed one day of skipping. I did around 100 skips, and boy... was that painful. Skipping is a lot harder than you imagine and there is a technique you have to develop to skip for longer. I found myself tripping and stopping so I hope to develop my skipping skills during the next 30 days.

I want to hold myself accountable so I’ve told my friends about this challenge and I’ve made sure to include skipping in my planner for the next 30 days. I wonder how the next 30 days will go – will I be able to push myself to skip daily? Will I become a skipping pro? Will the number of skips increase? Will I feel healthier?

I’m excited to start this challenge and to see if I can succeed in accomplishing at least 5-10 minutes of skipping daily. Skipping is great because you can do it in the comfort of your home. I hope to improve my coordination, heart health and stamina. I’m anticipating progress and despite feeling sore and tired after my first day of skipping, I’m eager to see improvements! Creating a challenge that you can do daily for a month is difficult but starting off with a fun exercise (that doesn't require a gym membership or extensive time) makes things a lot easier.

If you have some skipping rope and want to improve your fitness, why not join this challenge?

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