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Walking with purpose

woman walking

My morning walk to university has always seemed to be one full of purpose but lately I have been wondering just how much I am missing out on when I don’t slow down.

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Gym guilt

Man standing in front of a weights mirror at the gym

Whenever I hear people talking about what they're doing at the gym or how often they're going, I will always feel guilty for not pushing my body harder.

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Hot Girl Walk

A person walking on a bridge.

Walking: but make it glamourous. 

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Getting back into running

Legs of person running on a track

Running often gets a bad rap but it can do wonders for your mental health.

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Workout routines wanted

Workout equipments on a yoga mat.

Working out what works out for your workout routine takes a lot of work! 

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Why I love walking

person walking at the park

The sweltering weather back home didn’t make walking any fun. On a hot afternoon, you probably wouldn’t make it 500m from your house without feeling some sweat trickle down your back. 

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The Overland Track

The Overland Track

The Overland Track is a multi-day hike in Tasmania, and I am looking forward to tackling it over the summer.

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Setting fitness goals

weights and sneakers

I am finding that simple fitness goals help me stay motivated and keep on track.

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Walking for wellbeing

Someone going for a walk

I have recently been appreciating the simplicity of a nice walk in nature and the benefits it brings to my health and my daily routine. 

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Semester break plans

A group stand around a campfire

With everything going on this semester and amid all of my commitments, I have forgotten to plan anything for the semester break!

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