The Overland Track

The Overland Track

The Overland Track 

With borders restrictions and Covid, my 21st birthday was a bit uncertain. So, my older brother booked a spot to do the Overland Track this summer with myself and my younger brother.

Three brothers on a multi-day 60km hike might sound like a recipe for disaster but it is something that I am quite looking forward to.

The Nature

The Overland Track is a heritage, pristine part of the world. From all the pictures I have googled, it is like stepping back in time or into another world. I am really looking forward to the nature, the peace and quiet of the walk and all the animals and views I’m going to encounter.

Spending time with family

Considering the state of the world, having family together is a luxury. Both my brothers are off working and studying and it is becoming increasingly rare that we are all in the same place. With this being said, I am starting to really value the time that we are all able to spend together. In terms of doing a multi-day hike in the natural Tasmanian environment, this is a pretty rare opportunity.

Fitness Goals

Considering the length of the trek, I am trying to make sure that I have the fitness and the stamina to finish it. There would be nothing worse than getting half-way through the journey and sitting down for a break only to find my legs won’t carry me another step. So, even before I have set foot on the walk, I am already trying to stay motivated with my fitness to make sure I am ready.

Perhaps what I am most looking forward to is simply having something to look forward to. Knowing that I have something that I am really excited to do during the holidays just keeps me going through any unexpected chaos.


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