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Caught by surprise

Girl sitting on a pink suitcase in an airport

As someone that insists on doing everything according to my to-do list, a family emergency definitely wasn't what I had planned for in the middle of exam season.

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The Overland Track

The Overland Track

The Overland Track is a multi-day hike in Tasmania, and I am looking forward to tackling it over the summer.

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Goodbye to the family home

My parents have had their home (the house I spent the bulk of my childhood in in Loxton) on the market for almost two years, but it came as an almost complete surprise to get a message from Mum this week informing my and my brother that they had finally sold!

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Seeing my nephew for the first time

Baby on laptop

I am now an uncle as strange as that sounds. It was the first time meeting my nephew and there were a few things that surprised me…

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In Praise of: Packed to the Rafters

It seems that during these uncertain times we are all reaching for some form of comfort. Whether its comfortable clothing (guilty) or comfort food (definitely guilty), things that are familiar and homely are all the rage.

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Connection in the midst of isolation

It's a pretty scary time in the world right now. We can't control everything happening around us, but we can control some things, and we can learn to find connection and, importantly, hope.

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Getting 'good' at conflict

I think most of us could hazard a guess that healthy confrontation involves listening to the other person, but how exactly do we do this? How do we get 'good' at conflict?

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Book reflection: Gratitude - by Oliver Sacks

Spring flowers

Oliver Sacks has always been one of my favourite writers. As a neurologist, his book, The man who mistook his wife for a hat is superbly written and details the many peculiar and bizarre neurological cases he’s studied through the years. His writing is also very insightful. The New York Times calls him the ‘poet laureate of medicine’. He was able to complete a few short essays before passing away from cancer in 2015. He was eighty-two.

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I missed the snow

As soon as I left home, I missed something really exciting, snow!

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A new member of the family

As of 2am Friday, I am officially an uncle!

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