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Banana appreciation

A digital art banana on a yellow background.

I have always loved bananas but here are some reasons why this unassuming yellow fruit has fueled my university career.

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The Overland Track

The Overland Track

The Overland Track is a multi-day hike in Tasmania, and I am looking forward to tackling it over the summer.

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Knowing your love language

paper heart garland

Feeling loved and appreciated is an incredible feeling. Continue reading for my thoughts on the 'love languages'.

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Climate anxieties

A cartoon woman with black hair in a bun, a white long-sleeved shirt and black tights curled into a ball while a shadowy figure hangs over her head

As COP26 finishes, I am left wondering how can I, as a university student, stay positive in the face of climate anxieties?

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Life after study

A study desk

University can be such an uncertain time with ups and downs that it creeps up on you when it is coming to an end. It has got me thinking about my experience at university and life after study...

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Making choices for the future

Two paths diverge on a forest track, with yellow signs, one pointing left saying 'that way' and the one right saying 'this way'

When choosing between opportunities, I have been finding it hard to accept either answer out of fear it is the wrong one.

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Serotonin from dumplings

dumplings on a plate

Food has such a powerful impact on my mood. Once I’ve eaten some good dumplings, I feel happy, safe and ready to take on the world.

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