Life after study

A study desk

A study desk

A lot of my classmates and friends are finishing up their degree. For many of them, they share the same experience with me about finishing, hitting enter to submit an assignment and/or a two-hour exam and it’s all over. Rather unceremonious.

I have been reflecting a lot on all the people I have met and what their experience has been when finishing their exam. Unfortunately for most, it seems that years of work just culminate to a final assignment and then it’s over. Just like that.

I wonder if it is the studying and the degree choice that make people feel attached to university or if it’s the social life and the community or a combination. Either way, I know that when I graduate (which is fast approaching), I want to be able to look back on my time at university and smile knowing I have tried a lot of different things.

With this being said, university is not all there is to life. In fact, I believe there is quite a bit more to look forward to. This has got me thinking about life after study. You could argue that life is a constant learning process and thus we are continuously learning but in terms of having assignments and eating mie-goreng, there is something pretty unique about the student life.

While I am apprehensive about the future, I am also really excited. The future holds my chance to apply all that I have learnt throughout my degree and work in a field I am passionate about. At the very least, life after study will probably be more stable and a new chapter full of memorable experiences.

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