Walking with purpose

woman walking


My morning walk to university has always seemed to be one full of purpose but lately I have been wondering just how much I am missing out on when I don’t slow down.

Every morning during the semester, I get up, get ready and head on to university. As an interstate student, it just doesn't really make sense to hang around at home all day without family or roommates. So I tend to spend a lot of time walking back and forth between town and my place.

I have always been one of those people who kinda gets annoyed at people who walk slowly. I know, I know, that sounds so mean! But I always feel the need to walk with purpose. Once exams finished, it was a bit odd not having anywhere to be in particular. No more university, no more purpose. I found myself wandering aimlessly around some of the places I usually just storm on through. Taking it slower has made me look at things in a completely different way.

Instead of just walking across the bridge, I stop to look down into the waters and notice the fish, the ducks, the way the algae is kind of sparkly in the sunlight. And I find myself newly amazed by the world I live in. Instead of flicking through emails on my phone, I stop and marvel at the feel of paperbark trees and the musky scent of spring flowers blooming.

The truth is that, for all the sense of purpose that I normally walk with, nothing is more fulfilling than just truly appreciating the things around me.

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