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Walking with purpose

woman walking

My morning walk to university has always seemed to be one full of purpose but lately I have been wondering just how much I am missing out on when I don’t slow down.

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Embracing being bad at things

A set of watercolours, paintbrushes and a notebook on a wooden desk.

As something of a perfectionist I have always struggled with feeling ok about trying out new things and being...well, bad.

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Paying rent on time

A small wooden house, three stacks of coins and an alarm clock.

One of the things that I have found it hardest to adjust to when living independently is paying bills by myself.

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Group work

A group of people fistbump over some work, a bottle and a jar on a table.

There is nothing quite like those group meetings late at night in the basement of Napier building, snacks scattered around, laptops running low and a midnight deadline looming...

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Talking sex

Hands covering face

Nothing truly makes me more terrified than the prospect of sex talk with my doctor. The only thing that gives me confidence is the knowledge that sexual wellbeing is a really important and often neglected subject. (Author: Yasmine)

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