Paying rent on time

A small wooden house, three stacks of coins and an alarm clock.

One of the things that I have found it hardest to adjust to when living independently is paying bills by myself.

Oops. I did it again. I missed my payment day. Lucky for me, my landlord is a massive corporation which doesn't chase up my payments particularly quickly but I have been really starting to stress about the day when I am no longer in University accommodation and it REALLY becomes a problem.

I don't really know what it is but I just really struggle with managing my rental payments. I even have a notification on my phone to remind me! But the moment that little buzz goes off, I just swipe it off and say I will do it later. Perhaps it's the fact that it means I will be parting with a couple of hundred dollars that bothers me. There is nothing better to ruin your day than a whole paycheck being eliminated in a single swipe. 

I know that my bank app also has a feature when you can schedule payments ahead of time, which I may honestly start considering. It just seems a bit scary to be honest, I am always transferring things back and forth between my savings and cheque accounts. What if I run out and they withdraw into the negatives? Eek!

Anyway, the truth is I am not exactly an economics student nor a financial expert so I think I am going to make use of some of the university services and get some budgeting advice, and as for paying on time...I reckon I am gonna start putting another alarm on, ten minutes behind the first. Guess I better go pay my rent now....

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