Salty sips & mangoes

water scene at sunset - image


Summer is so close but so far away. You know it's approaching when mangoes aren’t grossly expensive, I’m able to leave my house without a jacket and the sun is still out at 8pm.

I’m anticipating a fun summer and I can’t wait to swim at the beach and eat mangoes.

Last Wednesday I attended Henley Beach’s ‘Salty Sips’ event. Basically you attend yoga, swim in the ocean then drink coffee. All before 8am! I woke up at 5am to do this and it’s on every Wednesday. I felt productive, energised and spontaneous. I may have burnt out by mid-day from the lack of sleep—but it was surreal to watch the sunrise while attending a yoga session and going on a swim.

Summer is something so exciting to look forward to – there’s the holiday season, swimming, ice cream and warmth. There’s always feelings of happiness and joy around summer. Let’s hope it doesn’t go over 45 degrees (the consequences of global warming!) but I look forward to nice evening beach walks and picnics.

I guess this is a reminder that there is something to look forward to after this busy exam and assessment time. I so desperately want to skip over this next month and head into the fun of summer but alas I must put in the effort for my final semester of uni. What are you most looking forward to this summer?

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