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Starting from scratch

You’re surrounded by people who seem to know exactly what they're doing while you’re fumbling around, feeling like a dingus.

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Missing my PhD crew

Gather around because today, we're diving into a bittersweet tale – the story of missing those awesome friends who've already graduated.

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As the heat rises and the academic dust settles, it's time to dive into the ultimate adventure: the staycation.

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Missing my country of birth during Christmas

The twinkling lights, the festive decorations, the aroma of holiday meals wafting through the air—Christmas has always been a time of warmth and togetherness for my family back home.

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Christmas shopping

close up bauble and christmas tree

Am I the only one who finds Christmas shopping so stressful? 

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Supporting your friends

Friends chatting at the dinner table

When your friend hits a milestone, it's time to celebrate!

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On the terrace

music notes sheet

On The Terrace is a pop-up music experience on North Terrace showcasing 40 musicians!

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Decision making

the woman holding an apple and donut

Choices, regrets, and resilience: we undergo this process many times. 

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