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My final blog

Footprints in sand

What a year! After blogging for 30 weeks and submitting over 60 blogs – my time as a blogger is now ending.

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The worst grade in my degree

report card with an A+

The other week I received a grade that would be the lowest mark I’ve ever received (and in the final semester of my degree)!

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Ted Lasso 2

Content warning: Please note that this piece mentions suicide. Some of the material might be distressing. We encourage you to take a break from reading if you need and take time to process the material. If you need support, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or visit the University’s Counselling website.

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City bakeries

Bakery and baked goods

What's so great about bakeries?

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Posture? Meditation? Lofi?

girl meditating in front of lake

Exam season was a stressful time, so it’s important that you practice mindfulness and doing the little things to improve your wellbeing.

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Pressures of gift shopping

A guineapig wearing a party hat, with a cupcake and a present and confetti

Coming from a family of seven, I am pretty used to the concept of birthdays happening around once a month but despite this I still find myself wasting HOURS trying to figure out what to get my siblings.

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Being a music video 'extra'

film camera

A last-minute opportunity came about which resulted in a paid gig as an extra for a music video. Continue reading for my reflections!

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Meaningful holidays

Christmas tree decorations

Summer break is here and Christmas is just around the corner!

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Tips for relaxing if u struggle

Do you sometimes struggle to relax? Read more to find about my thoughts and tips for winding down.

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