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Beach picnic weather

Yes, it is still a tad bit too cold to go into the ocean, but how gorgeous have these Spring days been? My friends and I could not help but spend our lunch break at Glenelg Beach (the tram makes it oh so easy)! We grabbed a yiros from Jetty Road, sat in a shady spot on the grass, and enjoyed this time together. Safety should always be a top priority when enjoying the beach. Here's how to ensure a safe day under the sun:

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When progress isn’t linear

A graph.

Heart breaking, truly but maybe it’s for the better.

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Hay fever rant (and a salad recipe)

Having hay fever is like attending a peculiar and unpredictable symphony of sneezes and sniffles, orchestrated by an invisible conductor called pollen.

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Memento mori

This is a Latin phrase that means ‘remember you must die’.

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Extra cash from de-cluttering (and extra clarity too)

In the bustling world of an HDR student balancing research, writing, social events, and casual jobs, it's easy to find ourselves drowning in a sea of chaos.

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Reunions and reconnecting

I’ve just had reunions with friends I’ve made from university and it was incredible.

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Student budget

Is it just me or are things costing more now? Whether you’re looking ahead and preparing for Christmas/summer holidays or saving for something special, these budget tips from other students are practical and easy.

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How to approach your lecturer

A classroom.

For first year students, the thought of talking to your lecturers might seem daunting. Here is this person who has dedicated pretty much their whole lives to their craft – they are highly regarded in their field; they have contributed significant research findings and innovations to the discipline; they could also be practicing professionals. 

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