Christmas shopping

Am I the only one who finds Christmas shopping so stressful? 

It feels like a complete surprise every single year when finally Christmas is upon us and so is Christmas shopping. If you celebrate Christmas, you might relate to a sense of excitement, stress and even dread. My particular approach to gift shopping is usually a) last minute and b) it MUST be perfect. Those two things don't really go together! Hence, the dread. 

This year, after a stressful exam season and fluctuating health, the Christmas season is more intimidating than ever. I purchased a planner for 2024 that had a gift planner section and I truly wish it was 2024 already so I could make use of it. Instead, I'm doing all the hard work in my head and scribbling random bits down on paper. Take it from me, don't do what I normally do and absolutely wing it with a week to go. 

It's still November so there's time left to make the most of the sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Here's my rough plan for the next few weeks to hopefully make this easier!

1. Make a plan. Write down a total budget, how you will spread it out across all the people you want to buy for and possible gifts in that range. 

2. Next, make the most of sales in person and online and grab anything that is too good to pass up. Keep an eye out for free shipping or spending caps so you can make the most of a single shop with delivery. 

3. For anything that isn't immediately obvious, brainstorm 2-3 options and see if there are any sales for those items. 

4. If you're feeling stuck, reach out to family and friends and see if they have any ideas. 

5. If you're super prepared, start taking note of things early on in the year that you didn't get for a birthday or other occasion. Is that idea still relevant? If so, it's time to get cracking!

I hope this helps you feel prepared for the next few weeks, which I know are going to fly by! Now, I'm going to go take my own advice. 

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