Overcoming adversity

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Facing difficulties means you’re stretching your limits.

Friendships, internships, relationships, summer programs, there are too many things to balance while at uni. I found myself getting intimidated by those massive tasks ahead and burned out after finishing the last semester.

This is why I struggled to accept the reality that I did not want to look at. These are some practices that helped me to overcome these challenges.

  • Write down problems: When I am feeling down, I easily mess my head around scattered with many negative feelings. While I have many things to do for the day ahead, I realize that you have no energy to finish those tasks. To deal with this difficulty, I decided to meticulously write down why I am feeling this way and what kind of problems I am having at this moment. By following this approach, it became a little easier to confront my issues.
  • Talk to people: I was fortunate to be able to find someone that I could rely on while facing difficulty at that time. My friends, supervisors, and families…I had a few people that I could seek help. By sharing my worries about things ahead, they helped me figure out the way to overcome this challenge. If you want to contact the support at the university, I encourage you to contact Counselling Support.
  • Trust your potential: While the methods that I mentioned above are effective in overcoming the challenges, overall, the most important things I began deducing would be to hold accountability and believe in myself. I was the only one who could overcome challenges. Although it may be hard to make the decision at the crossroads if I could do it based on my will in the end, that would be great since this helped me to embrace my choice and be proud of my decision eventually.

I am used to thinking that I was the only one who was facing this difficulty in the world and my inferiority is invincible. However, following those techniques, I came to see my privilege of being surrounded by people who would support me all the time.

Appreciating those people who made me an Ibuki today, I want to hold accountability and robustly confront upcoming difficulties. If you are also finding it a hard time to overcome challenges, I encourage you to see if any of my techniques work well for you and look at other resources here:

Getting Support

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