Less is more

It might sound a bit odd, but the idea of ‘less is more’ holds some serious magic for making my PhD life more productive and efficient. In this blog post, let's dive into why keeping things simple can be a game-changer in my journey. 

The mountain of data, articles, and research materials can totally overwhelm me. Choosing the ‘less is more’ way lets me focus on a smaller set of resources, cutting down on info overload and giving me a clearer understanding of my topic. Keeping things simple streamlines my work processes. Instead of juggling a bunch of small tasks, I can focus on a few big ones. This makes time management a breeze, letting me direct my energy where it matters most in my research. Embracing the ‘less is more’ mindset means going for quality over quantity. Concentrating on the heart of my research and refining key contributions leads to work that really stands out and means something in the academic world.

Finding the right balance between my PhD life and personal wellbeing is key. Simplifying things lightens my workload, reducing stress and lowering the chances of burnout. It's all about making my PhD journey healthier and more sustainable. Whether I'm putting together presentations, papers, or thesis chapters, simplicity amps up my communication game. Clear, straightforward writing and presentations are way more effective in getting my complex ideas across to both academic and non-academic folks. Clearing away the research clutter makes room for creative thinking. By avoiding info overload, I open the door to fresh ideas and breakthroughs in my field. Who knows what awesome stuff I'll come up with! The "less is more" philosophy goes hand-in-hand with continuous improvement. Regularly revisiting and refining the key parts of my research becomes more manageable, ensuring that my work is always getting better.

In the intricate world of PhD research, the ‘less is more’ approach is my secret weapon for boosting focus, efficiency, and quality. Simplifying the way I work not only makes me more productive but also turns my PhD journey into a more sustainable adventure.

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