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This week I realized that I can’t do my dishes or sort my laundry without listening to a podcast or a recorded webinar.

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Writer’s block

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Sometimes what helps me get over writer’s block is writing in a different place.

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Morning momentum

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I love the rain, I do. I love it, even more, when I can just lay in bed for hours reading books.

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Rubber duck debugging

blogpic rubber ducks

I am getting close to the final draft of a manuscript but struggling with the last final piece of it.

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Emotional fitness

sunrise landscape, golden colours with trees and cows in background

Winter is truly upon us. Flu season is too, on top of the coronavirus. Apart from ensuring I’m up to date with all my COVID and flu vaccines and generally keeping my body healthy, is there something that can help with my emotional fitness?

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Graduation speeches

view from below of 6 students in graduation gowns holding their fingers in v signs together in a group

I do love autumn graduations. What I’d love more is to one day be graduating myself!

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Calendar blocking

An image of a screen with Google Calendar on it

It is incredibly difficult to get things done if you don’t even know what you’re doing. Calendar blocking has truly been the most productive practice that I have implemented daily.

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Dressing for confidence

Pants on a rack

At really busy periods of the university year, I find myself slipping into sweatpants and sweaters, something I have noticed can have a big impact on my attitude towards my work and myself.

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Student elections

A voting ballot box

I used to think student politics were cumbersome and uneventful. However, I have recently begun to appreciate the value and meaning they have.

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Tidying up my room

An organised desk

Tidy home, tidy mind. So why do I always find my room in a mess?

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