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Practicing Gratitude

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Gratitude has been shown to significantly impact well-being and mental health. 

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Movember - Men's Mental Health

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Things to bear in mind when your friend seeks your help.

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Twenty journal prompt ideas

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The most difficult aspect of journaling is deciding on what to write about.

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Making and breaking habits

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Habits. A regular, behavioural tendency or practice, especially one that is difficult to give up.

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Using visualisation for success

Have you heard of harnessing the power of imagination?

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Supporting a friend through grief: A reflection

It's been a tough few weeks, as I've been supporting my dear friend, let’s call them Ash, through one of the most challenging experiences in life - the loss of a family member.

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A few techniques to feel less anxious

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It is mental health month in October, so it is a great time to normalise and talk about feeling anxious.

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The toxicity of social media

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Social Media. It is a toxic and addicting place on the internet. Spending every spare second consuming never-ending content and comparing yourself to everyone you see online; it can be damaging to your mental health.

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