Using the summer holidays

Uni is over, now what?

With the semester over, sometimes it can be hard to make the transition from the intensity of uni to the summer holidays. Even more so when you have nothing else lined up. It can seem like such a large expanse of time. I know I struggle to go from 100 to 0 after months of pushing for maximum productivity and efficiency. Free time can actually feel daunting!

That's why I plan to make the most of the summer holidays. And no, I don't mean filling up every ounce of free time, I mean purposefully scheduling some downtime! Personally, I'll still be working during the holiday period so, that means there won't be a huge amount of free time to begin with and I want to be mindful of what I choose to do with it. 

So, here is my plan for the summer and I hope it might help you create your own! 

1. Take a few consecutive days to recover from a stressful semester. 

2. Look at short courses to upskill before the next semester begins. 

3. Schedule catch-ups with friends that I haven't been able to see in a while. 

4. Re-engage with hobbies like art, movies and TV

5. Block out time for rest and relaxation, such as meditation or time alone to recharge. 

6. Follow up on health and get on top of any issues. 

7. Cross off any pending errands that were put off during the semester 

I hope this gives you some good ideas. And enjoy the holiday period before getting back into it in March!

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