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The joys of journaling

Journals and pencils

All aboard the journaling bandwagon!

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Eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas

Red Christmas tree decorations

We’re in the 11th month of the year! Not long until the Christmas holidays now. Every year I promise myself that I’ll be more organised and not let myself get sucked into stressing too much about presents and gifts.

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I’m not good at sleeping

kangaroo sleeping image - links to sleep better page

I’m really feeling the brunt of poor sleep, and I want to put in more effort. Continue reading for my reflections on my sleep patterns.

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Salty sips & mangoes

water scene at sunset - image

Summer is something so exciting to look forward to – there’s the holiday season, swimming, ice cream and warmth. Continue reading for my thoughts on summer.

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Roses and truths

Red roses

I never really used to like roses. I think growing up I used to simply associate them with the Valentine’s Day cliche.

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Mentally preparing for finals

A group of students studying together

It's time to prep our conscience for finals again. 

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