I’m not good at sleeping

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Kangaroo sleeping

Don’t get me wrong, I love sleeping but I’m just not good at it. As exams approach, it’s important to get sleep… but it’s not as easy as ‘just going to sleep earlier’.

My situation isn’t improved by not being someone who sleeps in often. I sleep late and wake up early (does anyone else’s body just wake up before 8am?). Therefore, if I’m up late studying or (cough) watching TikToks, I’m unlikely to feel rested at all because I can’t sleep in. And I can’t nap either!

My body has been able to sustain itself without coffee or energy drinks and approximately 5-6 hours of sleep on average. But lately, I’m finding that I can’t hustle and survive off little sleep. But I feel like because I’ve had this habit since mid-high school, it’s impossible for me to break out of it.

My peak study time is between 7-11pm, so naturally if I start getting ready for bed earlier, I won’t be as productive. So with pending assignments and exams, sleep is something that will take a back seat. But it really should be a priority.

Honestly, November will be a month of stress and I want to prioritise final assessments and exams so perhaps I should be ensuring I sleep earlier and put in more effort to study better throughout the day. But habits can be an awful thing to break – and I’m unsure if I’ll be able to do it.

But maybe I can start my routine at at 10pm, rather than 12am. Sleep is super important and I am disappointed that I don’t prioritise it as much as my healthy eating habits. I’m really feeling the brunt of poor sleep, and I want to put in more effort. How do your sleep patterns hold up? 

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