Physical (season 1): review

After a long recovery from finishing the last season of How I Met Your Mother and deciding not to watch it all over again, mum and I settled on a new Apple TV show called Physical (2021). 

Physical is a comedy/drama set in the 80s in San Diego, California about a troubled and seemingly subdued housewife, Sheila (Rose Byrne), who is supporting her husband, Danny (Rory Scrovel) and his bid for state assembly. At the same time, she is battling personal issues until she finally finds the release she has been searching for through the world of aerobics. Now... I am not a harsh critic by any means so naturally, I absolutely loved it, and through this review, I will do my best to make sure I don't spoil anything for anyone who hasn't seen it but definitely should. Initially, like all shows, it takes getting used to. It takes its time to warm up and get used to the characters and their personalities which in this show are quite different and weird. There's only a few that you really want to see go the distance, and most of the others are just bleh but there's only one you need to root for. 

As a character, Sheila does not speak her mind. However, as an audience, we get to hear everything she is thinking. Absolute brutal, honest, selfish and at times awfully unkind thoughts about the people and situations she is surrounded by, and then she snaps herself back to the perfect, polite, and poise housewife on the outside. The amazing Australian actress, Rose Byrne who you may know from Bad Neighbours and Bridesmaids, delivers a stellar, magnetic performance as Sheila, and her outfits are to die for. A strange but intriguing character with bad habits that she never can really get rid of as much as she tries, Sheila eventually discovers aerobics which transforms her entire life, her goals and her future. 

All in all, this series addresses mental health, self-discovery, friendship and the power of women. Along with great performances from the actors and a great storyline, it is definitely worth watching if you're looking for something new, something kind of weird and different but also fun. Check out Physical on Apple TV now! 

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