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Supporting your friends

Friends chatting at the dinner table

When your friend hits a milestone, it's time to celebrate!

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Thriving beyond exam

A man throwing the exam paper

My top tips for balance while at uni. 

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Keeping art accessible

A group of ballerinas.

We need young people back in the audience. 

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Extra cash from de-cluttering (and extra clarity too)

In the bustling world of an HDR student balancing research, writing, social events, and casual jobs, it's easy to find ourselves drowning in a sea of chaos.

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The cure to bad days 

Dog wrapped in blanket.

We’re all sad sometimes, that’s simply part of being human. Maybe it was a rejection, maybe you miss home, maybe it’s the fancy restaurant you splurged on that turned out to be mediocre – whatever the reason for your melancholy may be, know that to feel sad is normal and that sometimes, there’s nothing more comforting than to wallow in it for a day or two. 

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Post-exam wellbeing 

A group of friends jumping in the snow

End scene. Now it's time for some TLC.

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Do I have to be “that girl”?

a bright minimally decorated grey-toned apartment with large windows

Do I have to wake up in a picturesque city apartment at 5 am? Do I have to go to the gym before my uni classes? Do I have to spend an hour every night doing skincare to be accomplished in my life? 

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Nurturing plants, nurturing me

green foliage of devil's ivy (pothos) vines

My first plant started off as a small vine of devil’s ivy that kept me company during the 2020 lockdown. 

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