The cure to bad days 

Dog wrapped in blanket.

We’re all sad sometimes, that’s simply part of being human. Maybe it was a rejection, maybe you miss home, maybe it’s the fancy restaurant you splurged on that turned out to be mediocre – whatever the reason for your melancholy may be, know that to feel sad is normal and that sometimes, there’s nothing more comforting than to wallow in it for a day or two. 

I do like to indulge in the classic act of draping myself in blankets and rewatching my comfort movies (early 2000s romcoms) whilst downing spoonfuls of Ben & Jerry’s from time to time. Though, depending on the weather, hot noodles will be in place of ice cream. Sometimes, the only cure to sadness is to simply embrace it before you can emerge again like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

But there are other things I find myself doing that I think helps regulate my emotions too. 

Journaling is one of them. There’s something so therapeutic about ranting and pouring your heart out into the pages of a $5 notebook. Talking to someone you trust is good too but there are times when I just need to let it all out; to let the sadness flow from within me and into the book instead. Besides, journaling gives me the opportunity to reflect on the emotions and situation, and once that’s done, I can just close the book and never look at it again. Those papers are pretty effective sadness absorbers, I tell ya! 

But sometimes, a good distraction is all I need and doodling in my notebook can be helpful – or just crafting, in general. My crafting these days, as with almost everything in our lives, happens online. When I just don’t feel like dealing with a moody day, I’ll hop onto Canva and turn my mind to choosing colour palettes and fonts for fictional businesses instead. I’d be over whatever it was I was sad about by the time my indecisive mind decides on the right font size. 

Though, going analogue is also just as fun and an instant mood booster. It’s like being a kid again, making paper crowns and collages.

If the weather permits and I’m feeling particularly restless, a walk around the neighbourhood always helps because there’s nothing like being around nature to uplift one’s spirit. I’m so glad that, despite living in the city, we have lush parklands and trails that we can take a stroll in to clear our minds. All I need to do is to put on a sturdy pair of shoes and a perfectly curated Spotify playlist to match the occasion.  

Then, of course, there’s the window shopping. I love fashion, so surrounding myself with it instantly makes me happy. That might be something different for you and whatever that is, I think doing what you love at a time of sadness can help heal the soul. 

So, those are just some of the things I like to do to get myself back on my feet after a sad day. However you choose to regulate your emotions, I hope you do so in a safe way, and remember that as dark as the clouds may be, the sun will have to shine eventually. 

If you need someone to talk to, call 13 11 14 (Lifeline). For more resources on mental health, click here.

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