Post-exam wellbeing 

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End scene. Now it's time for some TLC.

Nothing beats that feeling of handing in your final paper. Walking out of that crowded hall and into the sunny pavilion knowing that you’re done for the year (or for many of you, the curtain for the play that is your uni life comes to a draw). 

I sat for my final exam of the year last Thursday. I can’t tell you how excited I was for the invigilator to collect my paper. Were my eyes watering (uncertain whether from stress or straining my eyes to look at the clock every few minutes) and my hands cramping? Likely, but are we going to delve into it? No, thank you!

And that’s my first post-exam wellbeing tip for you – leave the paper behind. I have never been a fan of discussing answers after the exam. I used to literally plug my ears whenever my friends would talk about theirs because I don’t feel the need to feed into my anxiety any more. They’ve already got a grand buffet in the exam hall. 

Hearing people answer something and knowing you didn’t write the same answers would just make me go, “Wait, am I wrong??” which’ll just spiral me into an overthinking mess and ruin my post-exam serotonin. 

It’s done. Let it go. There’s nothing more you can do. 

But throwing a post-exam celebration with some friends is something I like to do. Really, it’s just a nice brunch or dinner for me, but getting to sit down with your friends and relish in the good food and year-end bliss is just, chef’s kiss. My friends and I went for lunch at a café in the city called Leisurely Café after my final paper. The food tastes even better when your brain is not running on 3 coffees a day. 

Not to mention, I’ve been holed up in my room for weeks leading up to the exam to study so, I need to get out. What better way to remind myself that I am still human by interacting with other fellow humans?

The third tip is to treat yourself a little. Whether it’s boba, or those new pair of sneakers you’ve been saving up for, I think it’s worth gifting yourself something for all the hard work you’ve put into studying for the semester. To learn is no easy feat and you’ve done a marvellous job at it!

Finally, don’t forget to (actually) get some rest. I know your feet are thrilled to take you to places here and there now that you’ve got all the time in the world but taking some time to recharge is very important – to sleep, especially. After all those weeks burning the midnight oil, try to get those 8 hours of sleep.

Don’t feel horrible about not being productive for a couple of days. Your mind and body have been on the peloton bike for a semester, it deserves a break. Recover at your own pace and enjoy the end of exams!

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