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Moving out

A key on a string is dangling on the edge of a cardboard box.

Living independently is no small feat in life. It takes a lot of courage, but I find it to be a rewarding experience nonetheless. 

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Patience for yourself

A puzzle piece falling into place in the bigger puzzle.

Learning the strength in showing yourself patience and slowing down.

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Plans for the holidays

A hand holding a vanilla ice cream cone with a chocolate stick, in front of a blue ocean.

I’m definitely the type of person that can think of a million things to do in the holidays while studying, but when the time comes I go blank. 

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Games for the soul

A super Nintendo game controller on a dark tabletop.

An occasionally welcome escape from reality.

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Meaningful work

Meaningful work

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Go with the flow

Person handing a sanitary pad to another person.

Periods and productivity – two peas in a pod.

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Staying sun safe 

Two people holding a surfboard at the beach

As someone who grew up in the tropics and had a love-hate relationship with the sun, I must say, I was not prepared for the Australian summer and the heat that comes with it.

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Blogpic, Pixabay, screwed up paper, blank notepad

I remember being about eight or nine years old and dreaming of being a writer and a poet. I'd create these poems and submit them to the children's section of our local paper. My mom would tell me that I would have notebooks upon notebooks filled with poems, short stories, and ideas for novels. Thinking back, I think I can even recall where in my room I kept all these notebooks. My parents would keep the clippings of written work that would be published in the ‘kids’ section, which I assure you were not particularly brilliant, but they were all unfettered and unbound creative work. Looking back now, I can’t help but feel a bit jealous of my childhood self, thinking about how easily all the words and ideas flowed out from my mind onto the very many pages.

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Am I falling behind?

Silhouette of people running.

I’m at the point in my degree where the only thing my friends and I could only ever talk about are our contemplations for the future. We’re all freaking out about it but lately I can’t help feeling as though I’m falling behind on all my peers. If only one had a crystal ball to peer into…

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Anxiety-induced late nights

Cat sleeping on a bed.

My anxiety is not letting me sleep.

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