Taking back control

A woman sitting on a boulder staring over mountains and valleys at sunset.

I feel as though I’ve been letting myself get convinced too much.

I’ve been saying yes to too many things I don’t want to do, but feel obligated to in some way or another. I’ve been agreeing to meet up with friends quite often, on the premise that it’s been a long time, celebrating the end of the semester, or because we’re going away for the holidays. Although this isn’t a reflection of how much I love them, it’s a reflection of how little time I’ve been giving to myself. 

I’ve come to realise my passion for my own hobbies diminishes as I become burnt out from doing things that are “shoulds” rather than “wants.” So, follow me on this journey of changing a backwards priorities list. Here are a couple of things I plan to do to feel more in control and prioritise myself.

  1. Trust my gut - I’ve noticed there’s often an intuitive thought or gut feeling when I’m first offered an opportunity that goes ignored. I know my gut feeling doesn’t stem from nothing, it stems from my past experiences and is possibly an insight into my body’s wants. Going forward, I hope to listen to that voice rather than immediately brushing it aside before making a decision for myself.
  2. Abide by my boundaries - It’s one thing to be aware of my boundaries, it’s another to follow through with them. I believe one of the biggest barriers for me when respecting my own boundaries is the worry about other people’s thoughts and feelings. I need to remind myself that prioritising my own feelings is not disrespecting others. Giving myself time to breathe also means more energy to appreciate friends and family.
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