Getting the job

This week, I got offered a job at the place I have been volunteering and interning at for the past few weeks and I am ecstatic.

I have found myself really enjoying the work that I have been doing there and the opportunity to take on a professional role and learn more is really cool.

I am a bit apprehensive about it though I must admit. 

What kind of expectations will they have of me? Am I going to be able to balance work and life? Am I getting tied down into a job too early in university?

The truth is that a lot of these worries are just me looking for ways out. Because it is a tough and scary prospect as something I have never done before. And the easy option is just to cop out.

I have been finding that talking it over with my partner and family has put my mind more at ease. Sometimes just saying things out-loud makes me realise the flaws in my own arguments. 

I think the most important thing is to know that it is okay to be nervous - that is only human. But another important thing for me is remembering all the positive things that will come of it and I have been busy making a checklist!

  • Great salary 
  • Improves my career opportunities
  • Really important networks
  • Gives me insight into what sort of career I would like to pursue
  • I enjoy the work and the people I work with

Even though this may not be my ‘dream job’ it is one of the steps toward building the professional and personal skills I will need to succeed. And that is something to be optimistic about!

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