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Hacking Christmas casual jobs

Coffee machine pouring milk

A guide to landing a Christmas job based on my experience.

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Summer internship, anyone?

The sun is out, the days are getting longer, and summer is almost here. It's prime time to start considering that much-desired summer internship.

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Getting the job

This week, I got offered a job at the place I have been volunteering and interning at for the past few weeks and I am ecstatic.

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Graduate applications - one step at a time

A variety of resumes being perused by employers

This year, I am going to be faced with the reality of applying for graduate positions and am working out some strategies to manage it all.

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Being a music video 'extra'

film camera

A last-minute opportunity came about which resulted in a paid gig as an extra for a music video. Continue reading for my reflections!

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Self-doubt & graduate work

A laptop, notepad and phone

Even though I haven't finished my degree, I am already worrying about the prospect of finding a full time job and being able to succeed. 

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Student employment experiences

I think we underestimate how difficult it is to study and work (plus get work experience, volunteer, join on campus clubs, maintain a social life, have time for hobbies, cook and the list goes on)!

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Money and meaning

The final week of summer is upon us. Although I’ll be missing the glory of summer days, it’s quite exciting that the university campus will be welcoming eager young minds into its halls again. It’s the start of a new academic year, we have new leadership with a new Vice-Chancellor at the helm, and there’s the promise of new beginnings which gives hope. There’s also Mad March and then looking forward to cooling nights, indulgent pasta, and winter.

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HDRs and grow your career week

It’s still about two years until I complete my thesis and (hopefully) finish, but with everything that’s happening with the health and economic crisis, it won’t hurt to start preparing for the future right now. Grow Your Career Week was helpful in getting myself thinking about the future. I attended three of the offerings during GYCW. One was on developing your personal brand, the other one was how to leverage LinkedIn, and the third one was showing up at the Hub to get a photo taken from my LinkedIn profile. (I thought it was about time. The current photo I have on there, although also professionally taken, was from nearly ten years ago, pre-baby!) The sessions I virtually attended were effective in helping me reflect on the skills I have already mastered, but also made me think about the areas I needed to develop. Of course, I needed to have thought about the ideal career, but then also the kind of job I wanted if I couldn’t get the dream career (yet). One of the key insights I had was on the significance of networking, especially in the current circumstances, even for researchers. I like metaphors so I thought pass on what I’ve learned by using a marketing perspective: you – your qualifications, skills, and experiences as the investment or the product, and them, the buyers, representing the visibility concept, your researcher profile, social media, peer groups, mentor/sponsor relationships, and so on.

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