Really a break?


We have all been subject to the confusion when our tutors tell us to ‘enjoy our break’. We know that they have set us assignments to work on during these two weeks, so is it really a break?

The relief that I felt when I had made it past Week 8 quickly subsided. After already spending my first week of the break rushing to complete an essay to a good standard, that good feeling of gone.

Most of my friends are stuck in the same predicament, studying or working every day. It is business as usual. Besides from the long weekend, it really does not feel any different from a normal uni week, since my tutorial contact hours are sparse anyway.

But alas! Even if this time is still as hectic and busy as during semester, I think we should utilise this time to appreciate the important of taking breaks. It is easy to fall into the routine of overworking ourselves, day after day, without stopping to take that much-needed step back occasionally.

Why is this mid-semester break important? We need to revitalise ourselves in preparation for the final stretch. But how do we do this?

For me, I am making the effort to use the extra hours that I have been granted to try and relax. I had my first sleep-in past 7am that I have been able to have for a long time, and next week I am having lunch with a friend in the time slot that I typically would have class.

But maybe for other people, it is simply attempting to recharge your batteries a little before we head into the somehow even more difficult half of the semester. Or even just using the time to catch up, so you are ready for the work that approaches you when Week 10 rolls around.

So take this time to try and take a break, without the guilt attached. Worst case: the mid-year break will come soon enough.

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