Plans for the holidays

A hand holding a vanilla ice cream cone with a chocolate stick, in front of a blue ocean.

I’m definitely the type of person that can think of a million things to do in the holidays while studying, but when the time comes I go blank. 

During the semester, and while studying for exams one of the top conversation topics with my friends was about how we couldn’t wait to do all things during the break. But based on past experiences, as soon as the holidays arrive I suddenly couldn’t remember what I wanted to do. The holidays would go past, and I would be left with regret. So, here I am writing just before the start of the vacation to remind myself, and hopefully give you some ideas to look forward to!

This summer I want to take the time to explore the little niche areas of Adelaide. Have you ever walked past that one store, or street, and thought to yourself you’d visit again sometime? I always happen to stumble across these places when I’m in a rush, but never when I’m looking for them. This time, I thought I’d take note of them so I can remember to visit them after exams. One of these areas for me is Vardon Avenue and Ebenezer Place, small streets located just off Rundle St. When I walk by, I remember noticing the quaint cafes and plants growing across tall brick walls of artwork. 

Picking up that hobby you were meant to but didn’t have the time for. For me, that’s art. I love drawing, sketching, painting, and creating. Recently, I’ve been meaning to learn vector art, so over the summer, I plan to spend some time learning how to use the software. Another thing is that I love gift giving, so I hope to combine that with my art as well and gift my friends cute stickers that totally fit their personalities. Don’t tell them yet though, it’s a surprise!

Finally, I want to do nothing. My parents always insisted that summer was free time, but not for lazing around, it was for finding another productive pursuit that you didn’t have time for during the semester. These were activities such as learning a new skill, or a new topic. Although those are great ideas, I didn’t like the notion of spending every waking moment doing something productive. So, my goal for this summer is to spend time doing absolutely nothing in particular, and just do whatever my mind takes me to. 

What are your plans for the rest of summer?

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