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Holidaying in Adelaide

A white path leading up to a lighthouse, with the ocean behind it.

When interstate and overseas travel may be difficult or expensive, a little getaway right in Adelaide is perfect.

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Tea time!

Lately, I have been getting into drinking tea in the evenings and it has really left me with an appreciation for the tradition.

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Nostalgia: Getting back into the 2010s

A young woman with dark hair wearing light pink headphones and a striped white and pink shirt on a deep pink background

Cleaning out some of my stuff today I found an old So Fresh CD that took me back down memory lane.

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Recovering from illness

A stethoscope against medical equipment

Of course there is never a good time to get sick, but it always feels as if it's when you're the busiest. 

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Mastering the art of relaxation

A hammock on the beach.

Have you ever looked at your cat and felt jealous of how chill they could be?

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Embracing being bad at things

A set of watercolours, paintbrushes and a notebook on a wooden desk.

As something of a perfectionist I have always struggled with feeling ok about trying out new things and being...well, bad.

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Some good Sundays

At the entrance of Gilles At The Grounds

Sundays are, without a doubt, my favourite day of the week. 

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Tips for relaxing if u struggle

Do you sometimes struggle to relax? Read more to find about my thoughts and tips for winding down.

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Balancing my screen time

Black phone with hard copy map, compass and ear plugs

After hours spent looking at a screen, how can I better use my screen time for my health and wellbeing?  

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Drawing to relax

It has been a long time since I pulled out some colouring in pencils and drew. I forgot how therapeutic and relaxing it can be.

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