Self-care and study 

Person holding a book and drink.

Looking after yourself in uni. 

Sometimes it feels impossible taking time to focus on yourself during the semester, especially during peak assignment or exam season, which I would argue is the most important time to do so. All that stress and anxiety calls for some tender loving and care. 

Treat yourself 

And what better way to practice self-care than to treat yourself to something nice after a long day of studying. Getting yourself a nice treat, whether that be a bar of chocolate or an iced coffee, can help boost your morale because it’s essentially a little reward for your hard work. 

When we reward ourselves, we’re training our brains to expect good things after every task. This would inevitably make us feel a lot more motivated to carry on with our work, knowing that something sweet is waiting for us on the other side.  

Long breaks

Taking a long break after a long study session is a form of self-care too, and I try my best to do so without feeling guilty about it. I know it feels like we have to rush everything during these peak academic periods but pushing yourself to the max might lead to burn out, and now is not the best time to burn out. 

So, taking some time away from your desk might help clear your mind and replenish your energy. Soak in a bath! Watch a movie! Go for a walk! I’m currently binge-watching Ugly Betty on my long breaks. 

Daydream (aka manifesting)

Okay, I genuinely think daydreaming about our future is a great way to motivate ourselves to study. It’s to remind us what we’re studying so hard for; that all of this would be worth it in the end, so hop onto Pinterest, girl, and create that mood board – manifest your future!

Keep moving

Nothing’s worse than a stiff neck and shoulder after hunching and looking down on your laptop for a very long time. A little stretch from time to time could prevent that. 

Or, whenever I have the time, I like to do something a little bit more fun too like a dance workout. MadFit on YouTube has some fun 15-minute routines featuring songs by One Direction, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, and more. 

There’s a lot of ways to incorporate self-care into our study schedules without completely disrupting it. At its core, it’s all about balancing your studies and yourself. 

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