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Graduation doesn't feel real...

Anyone else recently had their graduation ceremony? What a blur the past few years have been.

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The fringe

Flying blue and purple confetti

The Fringe is back and so is uni.

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How to approach your lecturer

A classroom.

For first year students, the thought of talking to your lecturers might seem daunting. Here is this person who has dedicated pretty much their whole lives to their craft – they are highly regarded in their field; they have contributed significant research findings and innovations to the discipline; they could also be practicing professionals. 

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The light we carry: book reflection

A pile of books

Whether you like the Obamas or not, I found I had a lot of helpful things to take away from Michelle Obama’s recent book, The Light We Carry. I guess they are crafted as life lessons, but they may as well be a toolkit we HDR students can use on our journey towards the degree. Here are some of the things I learned that I find useful as an HDR student.

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Living deadline to deadline

Close up of someone's eyes

It’s that time of the year as we begin to tread the muddy waters of the final few teaching weeks. The mud is thick, and I surely can’t seem to move. 

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Best study spots in Adelaide

Rows of bookshelves at a library.

Here's my rating of the study spots I've been to.

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Speedy exam study tips

Person writing down notes on some papers.

So, we’re down to exams kicking off…

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Where do I even start?

Sitting at a desk

Do you ever have too much work to do that finding where to start is overwhelming?

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