Best study spots in Adelaide

Rows of bookshelves at a library.

Here's my rating of the study spots I've been to.

Have you ever sat down somewhere, excited (for the first time) to get your books out and study like the absolute academic weapon, only to find yourself slumped on the chair, scrolling through yet another video of someone doing the Taylor Swift Bejeweled dance on your For You Page? So you leave home feeling unhappy with yourself for procrastinating another study day.

Well, it comes as no surprise that your surroundings can impact your mood and ability to focus greatly. With finals all around us, it’s important now more than ever to find a study spot to help you boost your productivity levels! So, I figured I would rate some of the spots I’ve been to around campus and Adelaide city. 

Sir John Salmond Law Library (aka The Dungeon) – 7/10
Starting off with home soil, the law school library. They call it the dungeon for a reason and no, it’s most definitely not because we’re being tortured by the smallest texts in the thickest textbooks in history. No, no, how could it be? It’s called the dungeon because it’s below the law school, duh!

For that reason, it knocks off a couple of points because I enjoy peering onto the world outside while I’m studying. The lack of windows and sunlight just immediately puts me in a sullen mood. It takes a while to get used to.

I like the fact that it’s within my proximity. Also, the study rooms give pretty good privacy which is perfect for that shameless in-between study nap (or a scheduled 5-min crying session).

Outside the Union House exercise studio – 9/10
Probably the best place to study, in my opinion. It ticks off all the boxes for me – ample sunlight, nice view of the lawns to people watch, open air and good seats. I studied there a lot at the start of the semester when it was still pretty warm and Adelaide wasn’t going through every season in a day, so I’d say it’s an ideal spot to go to right around this time of year. 

Knock off a point for the singing, but also earns back a point because the theatre students sing really well and it’s so entertaining watching them practice. 

State Library, specifically the Mortlock Wing – 5/10
I think you could tell by now that I love a little bit of background noise/distraction when I’m studying and so, being a library, the Mortlock Wing is dead silent. Save for the occasional chair scraping and parents telling their kids to hush. 

But it does gives off major dark academia slash The Secret History vibes, so if you’re into that, maybe check it out. 

Barr Smith Library – 8/10
The seats by the big windows overlooking the lawns… I love you. The library can get pretty busy during peak study periods but there’s just something so comforting about sharing a space with strangers who are going through the exact same things as you are. It makes me feel even more motivated to get my study on. Oh, and the desks are huge – I could probably set up a base camp there.

Nexus 10, Basement – 4/10
Great place to hang out with friends and do some light studying but good luck trying to look for a spot past 12pm. Also, good luck trying to focus because it gets quite noisy and busy down there.  Maybe some noise-cancelling headphones would do the trick. 

A point given for having the prayer room, printers and toilets nearby, though.

Finding a good study spot is really a subjective endeavour. One must know the type of ambience one thrives in to find a good spot for studying, and if you don’t know what that is for you, try out some of these spots I mentioned and see how it goes! 

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